Autonomous Trading Agents for Financial Markets

We’re accelerating the effects of compound interest with generative AI.

The DataGenn INVEST trading agents are powered by Google’s Gemini & OpenAI’s GPT-4 models under the hood, combined with smaller MoE models for making intraday trade predictions and executing trades in financial markets.

DataGenn Invest autonomous investor and trader agents have been finely tuned to generate profitable trading predictions. RLHF is used to improve the agents’ accuracy.

DataGenn’s INVEST Agents can invest autonomously as AI & Data powered trade prediction trading bots that are trained and fine-tuned on critical financial markets data, investing logic and key technical analysis insights.

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DataGenn INVEST financial markets autonomous trading agents use Google’s Gemini 1.5 LLM and OpenAI’s GPT-4 at its core and we’ve empowered them with assistance from MoE models.

Autonomous Trading

At we’re using a combination of reinforcement learning with human feedback and reinforcement learning with AI feedback to establish an agent that can make profitable short term trades.

Accelerated Compound Interest

Compound interest makes numbers explode exponentially over time. We accelerate the effects by compounding investment portfolios daily.

Polymathic Connections

Financial agents trained using RLHF & RLAIF methods. synthesizes real-time data from multiple sources by using a combination of Gemini, GPT-4, and MoE prediction models.

This unique approach blending training methodologies and models is polymathic in nature, drawing conclusions & unique insights from multiple GenAI models and agents.

Our ultimate goal is to make DataGenn INVEST Agents capable of autonomously trading financial markets intraday to speed up the effects of compound interest over time.