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The rate at which things are progressing is simply astonishing…

As a natural born philosopher and a personal deep believer in the one universal love that unites us all, I haven’t been able to stop innovating and learning about artificial intelligence since I first logged into Copy AI and one year ago.

At that time, I didn’t realize how much noise was in Copy AI’s signal or that was far superior to copy AI. I quickly realized that Jasper has superior algorithms and was capable of generating higher quality content.

Where in reality looking back in deeper consideration, I realize that I immediately saw our future transformed by artificial intelligence advancements. Visions of the future is something which frequently happens time & again throughout my lifetime.

With my very first prompt using generative AI, my life, which has been spent largely on the internet for the last 23 years, was immediately changed forever.

Then, when ChatGPT launched is when things really took off with my AI, ML & LLM learnings. I mastered prompt engineering in the first 6 months. I’ve been studying machine learning, neural networks, language models, optimization algorithms, reinforcement learning, data collection, data cleaning, data splitting and so much more during these last 6 months.

I always seen myself helping mankind in significant, impactful ways. This is what served as inspiration for my first round developing a social network on back in 2007.

It is clear to me DataGenn AI is the company I am supposed to build next, innovate self learning language models (SLLMs) and create responsible AI products, applications & services for Enterprise, Startups and Small Businesses.

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My 23 years working an a search engine optimization professional I gained unique insights into natural language processing (NLP) and the evolution of search algorithms. Combining polymathic views and understandings with original clean datasets from and, DataGenn AI will focus on building quality over quantity – providing extensive model training on smaller language models with an innovative approach leveraging self learning techniques.

I’ll explain more soon on how its all interconnected soon…

For now, you can reach us at